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Users are more than happy to help answer your questions and offer guidance. Thank you for your contribution! Is dating in NYC really that terrible? I'm a year-old woman and am in the early stages of discussing a promotion within my company that would take me to the NYC office, from DC.

I can't believe this is something that is influencing my desire to pursue this opportunity, but I'm concerned that in New York it would be hard for me to meet someone who's looking for a serious relationship. I want a family and I'm not getting any younger. My two friends who live in New York are always talking about how people feel disposable in the dating scene, and so it's easy to hook up but not so easy to find a significant other. What has dating been like in New York for you Redditors?

Is it really as bad as my friends say? I actually haven't enjoyed the dating scene in DC hence why I'm still single , mostly because I find a lot of the guys to be too bro-y and mainstream, and then the ones who are looking for more serious relationships seem to be on the fast track to suburban McMansion hell they might not put it that way, ha.

For those who have been successful finding a spouse in the New York dating scene, how did you go about it? Did you use apps or meet someone the old-fashioned way? In DC, a lot of the single guys are already living in the suburbs as childless somethings And you have to see the Virginia suburbs to believe them. I grew up in a pre-war residential neighborhood of another major city, so I don't mind single-family homes but I can't stand 4, square-foot new construction with five bathrooms and no grocery store for miles.

Regarding that question, very broadly speaking, one difference between American women and European women is that European women don't care who you look at or what you are merely thinking. The toughest part about dating in NYC is that there are so many choices, which leads people to pretty much behave in the flightiest way by default. This is particularly troubling for the ladies, since the demographics tip in the men's favor in terms of sheer numbers. But numbers alone don't tell the whole story.


According to numerous women I've talked to about this and I've had a lllllllottttttt of conversations about this the actual toughest part of dating here isn't the quantity, it's the quality. Back in my single days before I was meeting people both online and IRL and it could only be described as an embarrassment of riches. I could literally walk outside a bar, toss a rock in the air and it would land on an attractive, motivated, employed, interesting, funny woman.

It is tough not to find one, they're honestly everywhere. For women, however, the opposite is sometimes true.


The number of stories I heard from my female friends about guys they went on dates with who were "in between jobs" or not really motivated by anything, or expecting her to do the lion's share of work in the relationship, etc. So taking that into account, the numbers don't really tell the whole story. I spent my single years here finding the perfect woman.

My wife spent those same years managing her expectations.

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Now that I type that, I seriously hope that I'm the exception to all of that. All that being said, there are amazing people here of all genders who are definitely looking for a commitment. I wouldn't be worried about finding someone if that's what you're looking for and you stay focused on that. I would say your description of dating in NYC for women is pretty spot on. I've been at it for longer than I care to think about and it feels like it takes forever to find a guy who has his act together and is into you.

And even then there's a chance that he'll just ghost you after 3 months ask me how I know. Women here have interesting jobs. They take care of themselves physically and aesthetically. They may have the same boring interests brunch! The guys by contrast seem to fit into a few camps finance bro, startup wannabe mogul, and aimless aspirational and none of them bother putting in any effort because they know they don't have to.

There's blank dating profiles galore, outdated photos, and lazy uninteresting replies to messages. My friends who have dated elsewhere never had to send first messages but here it's basically required. It feels like we're living the experience that guys have elsewhere where women misrepresent themselves or sit back and expect to be wooed while offering very little to go on.

I already work hard, but most of the time dating feels like a second job here and it's exhausting. This is just the new reality, women are making more money than men in our generation and blowing them away in educational attainment. This will continue to get worse as so many women still think they're oppressed and not getting any opportunities, when it couldn't be further from the truth. The few women I've known who dated in NYC with the husband and kids agenda have all been disappointed with the city and have had to leave to find what they wanted.

A few of them left, were still unable to find spouses to have children with, and have some really unfortunate issues with their choices and the city as a result. The women I know who are happiest with dating in NYC have a "if it happens, it happens; if it doesn't, it doesn't" mentality toward the husband and kids life. I didn't say people don't find spouses here - I'm only talking about the few women I've known who dated with the explicit goal of husband and kids and their foremost concern. And my point was that having grown up here I could give you many, many examples outside of my family talking about elementary, high school and college classmates.

I am guessing you are drawing from a smaller pool. I clearly labeled my pool as "few" and I'm limiting it to a particular kind of dating style.

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It seems like you're just being argumentative for no reason. Except you're not just offering another view - if you did that it would just be your own post talking about your own experience rather than a reply to mine that doesn't even seem like you read what I wrote, but just that you wanted to make sure that I knew you didn't think my opinion or experience was valid.

Life as a big woman, looking for big love

Your responses read as combative and, based on the karma on this chain, I'm not the only one who read it that way. For men its like shooting fish in a barrel. The number of amazing, smart, successful women way outpaces the number of men of similar caliber. Basically for a woman in NYC you just have to get really lucky. Men have so many amazing options so they get spoiled and bratty. They flake out and they date WAY out of their league on a regular basis. They get used to it and dont work for it at all. A male 5 will easily date an 8 and treat her like shit in NYC.

Out of town love - tinder and the prevalance of friends who come to visit has contributed to a lot of long distance relationships in my circle. I think it might be the types of jobs available in the city. There are certainly finance guys but engineers and programmers are few and far between. From a career perspective it's just a narrower field for men. That sounds about right. I think another reason is that some of those finance guys want to date women who are not as professional as them, so that narrows the field down even more for the women who are in professional fields as well.

I met my current SO off of Tinder a month and a half before I turned We've been together for a year and a half, we're living in a ridiculously tiny living situation in an excellent neighborhood. We are very committed to each other and I feel incredibly lucky to have met him. Taking responsibility for yourself is extremely important.

You have to get very clear on what you're looking for in a partner, long-term goals as well as your emotional patterns and needs.

If you move here I very highly suggest getting a therapist to help you look at these things. Equally important is setting boundaries and knowing when to say no. Not only in, "will I have sex with this guy? You're 29, you want kids, you don't have time to waste on dudes you're not feeling it with.

A second date can very easily turn into 3 months with the wrong person. Just say no if you're not feeling it. Once I got clear on what I wanted; as well as got a handle my emotional issues that kept me in a cycle of terrible relationship choices, I started to LOVE dating here. Through Tinder I met a bunch of interesting guys, many of whom were struggling with issues of their own and a number of really nice guys who I just didn't click with.

It would also be a really good way for you to get to know the city. In speaking about your career, absolutely move here. I don't know what business you're in, but NYC is the edge of the world and it attracts some of the most intelligent, driven people. It will be an excellent growth opportunity for you to be here for your work, even if only for a few years. You will grow intellectually, become more efficient and expand your interpersonal skills.

Damn I envy you NYC folks' ability to just "go for coffee and a walk" as a date. That's not very good idea in the burbs.

Please Read This First

A "walk" would quickly lead to quiet places in the dark where a first date wouldn't wanna go. It's not easy to find a significant other. But, like, it shouldn't be. The fact that it's rare is what makes it significant. I really liked dating here. I had an open mind. I used apps exclusively, because everyone here is on them. But I kept at it and then, through the exact same process I used to meet all the other chicks, I met my current girlfriend and immediately deleted every app and haven't thought about single life since.

That's kind of how it goes here. You have fun, meet a lot of people, don't think you're looking for anything serious, and then you by sheer probability come across someone you are ridiculously compatible with and that's that. I'll chime in with my own NYC dating experience. I've been dating in NYC the last two and a half years. Yes, it is hard. What someone said earlier about there being so much choice here is both a wonderful and a really annoying thing. I've found a number of guys who want to end things as soon as something gets even slightly difficult or challenging.

I've dated a LOT and heard a lot of stories from friends. People in NYC tend to be on a later "timeline" of sorts compared to other cities. I know people in a bunch of other cities getting married and having kids already where most of my friends here are still just swiping along. So yes, it is really hard to date here and at times, yes it does suck! I've gone on some amazing dates and some terrible dates. I've gotten some pretty funny stories and met some fascinating people that have taught me a lot about myself and what I want or don't want.

The type of person I want to share a life with is very different from the person I thought I wanted two years ago. But, coming here as a 29 year old with a great job, you'll be fine. You'll meet some weirdos, but if you try to stay positive about the whole thing, you'll have a great time and hopefully find your partner along the way. As a personal recommendation, I've found Bumble to be far and away better than Tinder. So many dead conversations there There are other apps that are popular here, I just don't personally use them.

Think about it this way, there are more dog owners than there are those with children. If you're a successful man, it's easy to find a successful woman.

If you're a successful woman, you have a lot of competition. NYC is competitive with everything. You're already 29, and I assume you want to start having kids by 35, therefore you only have 6 years which really isn't a lot since you haven't even found the right one. We can order up a human being in the same way we can order up pad thai on Seamless.

BBW Dating Meetups in New York

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She also says that when it comes to physical intimacy, there are fewer complications than people presume. This outfit is everything. Some bigger girls employ a number of tricks between the sheets. For Ammons, that meant keeping the lights off, wearing a T-shirt, and staying under the covers during the act, before becoming more comfortable with her body. Despite their successes, none of these women has been in a serious relationship. NYC can be a particularly harsh place to look for love.

And Servance is tired of men making assumptions about her interests and tastes. And though these women have all experienced setbacks, they are in no rush to settle for the first decent guy who comes around. Get to know the five women who are stepping into the dating scene in a big way. A post shared by Sabrina Servance sabrinastyled on Dec 13, at 3: Raised by strict Midwestern parents, Dowding got her first kiss and lost her virginity in the past year.