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In 4 days all I received were messages and flirts from Scammers and Fake profiles. I noticed some profiles were hacked, same wording but different pictures. They do NOT protect and safeguard their paid members. This has been a scary experience. Unfortunately, I cannot give this site a minus zero star. The scammer put up fake pictures and profile. He asked for my email to talk off the site. We emailed constantly for a month. He said he was working in Indonesia and was moving back to my hometown. Of course he was widowed for four years and had a son. I looked up his Facebook - I was his only friend.

The Facebook information gave a different age. He claimed his income was over , I believed him until he asked for money this morning.

OurTime Review January - Scammers or lifetime partners? -

Even though he claimed to be a millionaire. He told me everything I wanted to hear. I have only been contacted by men who want free sex. I thought that at our age they would have been passed that stage. A few men were obviously scammers but I followed my instinct and ignored them. My biggest issue is that when I have tried to cancel my membership the site freezes due to long script! I have a feeling that it is designed to do this so that you cannot cancel your membership and end up paying for another six months.

I will now have to cancel the next pay and by contacting my bank. I joined for a month. Got lots of flirts messages. Pictures were years old. Lied about everything from age to income. Most claim they make , plus a year. Then ask you for money or they want phone sex. Claim they are so honest. Found one I thought might be interested in until he said he was a one woman man and wanted to try to build a future with me. Next day he was trolling for more woman. As for drama men you got us beat. I have joined OurTime. Well, the first 10 days I was on, I was contacted by 12 men, out of which 8 were Scammers.

I had already did some homework on him and he did not exist. I told him that he was a Scammer and guess what, he sent me picture of a Canadian Military ID Cards which was good but fraudulent, nevertheless! Since, then most of the men that I have spoken to are Scammers, there are some with the same photos, but different area of the city, different age group, etc.

Luckily, some were removed but they come back. The Scammers are in abundance in this site and this is dangerous and a time waster! I have found that the real men are looking for a Barbie even though they are in their 60's or sex. Real Men need to take some time to be nice to women online I don't think that I will renew for the 2 reasons: Too many scammers as there is no type of vetting process.

Real men are very unrealistic and after sex. Review - Online Dating

This automatic flirts and renewals are designed for money grabbing purposes. Run some of the pictures through Tineye. DO not give money to strangers as these men are very clever and unscrupulous! I went on OurTime 3 yrs ago. I was a widow and I was preyed upon by I scammer who tried to get money out of me but didnt and then I'd also been talking with another man who I ended up being with for the last 3 yrs who has Narcissistic personality disorder and another mental disorder.

And now I see he's back on looking for his next victim. Please beware that these sites attract narcissistic people looking for their next person to victimize control and isolate. They lie to you. Every move is calculated. Their love is fake. They mess with your head. They come on strong and push relationships quickly.

Place your boundaries right off the bat. Listen to your gut feelings and red flags. I thought I met the love of my life. He took all of my money and had me sell my house with the promise of a wonderful life together. Now I have no savings, retirement or home. I am not stupid. I fell in love. I still do not believe this has happened. I signed up for 6 months on OurTime as it seemed the best for over 50's dating. However, now I have used it for a while I cannot recommend it. Biggest complaint is that there is no way to see when someone was last online.

Most other dating sites have this feature. I believe this is because there are a lot of defunct profiles out there that OurTime uses to pad their user numbers, so they do not want you to have this info.

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This is confirmed by the low number of responses I have gotten from OurTime, much lower than any other dating website. There is also no way to bookmark a profile so you can come back to it, and the site is generally clunky to use and not well designed. I joined for free, they kept going to membership page, so I paid for a one month subscription.

I have not been able to log in. No one can't get things straight. Cannot get any messages or anything. I did get in once to see my account and stop the renewal, I had another account that showed payment and the free account. I am so annoyed that no one can fix. I consider that just plain wrong. Found it odd there are numerous empty photo profiles And you will receive an initial screen requesting an upload before continuing. It was rejected as not a clear picture. As a single female I'm cautious Used the same pic on another dating website with no problem.

I would steer clear of this site. Shop but don't invest. I also suspect fake profiles are on there. I've tried and still subscribe to two of the popular dating sites and I tried OurTime simply because I wanted to increase my exposure to single women. This site OurTime offers few controls or parameters to limit who can visit you and what that does is waste your time with email or "flirts" from inappropriate people that you have to physically delete. Furthermore, this site allows people to send more than one or two communications and that means one screwy person can fill your inbox and waste your time.

There doesn't seem to be a way to filter out the inappropriate people and that can get quite annoying, especially for non-paying members who want to 'test-the-waters' before subscribing. I'm not sure how to wind this down except to say that if you do decide to give this OurTime. Just so you don't feel like a dope when you realize your mistake. Senior widows should be cautious. I signed up for a month and was immediately taken to an upsell page. Foolishly, I admit, I fell for it, thinking that it would still be deducted monthly and that I'd be able to cancel if I felt the need.

Wrong on both counts, which would have been fine if it had not been for the disturbing experience I had with the site. Widowed 10 months ago and now 63, I was feeling lonely - knowing no single men my age. I guess when you're happily married, you only hang out with other married couples. At least, that's what we did. My son suggested I try the site. I was skittish about online dating, but I gave it a try.

In less than 24 hours, I was contacted by over a dozen men, most of whom may have been nice, legitimate seekers I suppose. But 3 of them messaged me 'for a friend' or 'for a cousin' they had been showing the site to when my picture came up. Supposedly, I was the only woman who caught the eye of this phony friend or cousin. And then they said, they'd found their own gal, so we're going to delete their account, so would I 'Please give love a chance' and email the friend or cousin at his own email address, as he lived nearby my location.

Ok, I fell for it the first time. That's when I felt unsafe - as I'd already sent an email to the first guy's 'friend'. They refused, saying "No refunds! I was unable to delete it, so I contacted them again. No help, just an email from some other. My experience wasn't good, and I fear what may become of it. I wish I could give them a minus 5 star rating, but the system won't let me. I've contacted them 5 times with no resolution. Having been in Christian ministry for 40 years, I am devastated. Who knows what else will come from this stupid mistake?

Subscription ended up being hacked I don't know how many times. I know what my password and email is. Sent several messages to them, they totally ignore them. They have taken few out of my bank. There are three areas of filling out your profile where you can tell your story, what you're looking for, and what else you would like to add. What can you possibly say and truly express yourself when you are so limited. I called the company and they said it was an update.

I explained I signed up because I saw very lengthy profiles and thought I could do the same. Then I was told there was an update and now the limitation. I said I wanted a partial refund since they weren't providing the service I paid for. The answer was no! I joined OurTime and quickly realized that many of the profiles pictured are not active accounts. Read a lot of profiles and you'll see that many have the exact same wording, as if they were auto-filled. I started writing to everyone pictured to see who was real and who was a ghost profile and 12 hours later I was locked out of the site.

I am contacting the Attorney General to file fraud charges. Just to update my experience with OurTime. I felt security as the main issue. They promptly responded with the offer. Customer care was very understanding. They asked for suggestions of improvement of which I did. They would send those to the Products and Development Team. The main issue is the site allows pictures and profiles to be copied. Hackers and make copies and use those on that site or other sites.

I experienced the site was full of stolen identity. Therefore one never knew it was an actual contact or a con.

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I deleted my profile only after 5 days. This site can not be trusted. Profile pictures are copied and used pasted on a fake account along with the original profile. You never really know who you are texting or e-mailing. Never followed an interest to the end as the inquiry became very suspicious after the 2nd correspondence.

Don't really know what the scammers are after, but reading the other reviews it boils down to money. Stay away from OurTime. Wasted my time entering personal data and then could not contact any women. They never tell you that to get any contacts at all you have to pay. This is just a scam site to get your money. Makes OKC seem like a wonderful place! I want my money back! And I cannot find the settings button to unsubscribe!!! I need your help Consumer Affairs!!! Please call me at your earliest convenience. Avoid at all costs.

Web app is lacking features that are available only on full web site.

If you use mobile app and use a free or open network your account to access it - your account gets locked out and you have to call in to get a new password, only to find out that if you try to access it from your home computer, their system will see you accessing it from a different ip address, and lock you out again. Lots of fake people on site, from states or provinces that are not anywhere close to where you are.

This site is very time-consuming.

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They allow you to filter your search options, but it does no good. So they send you potential matches and you have to look at their profile. Of course, now this user gets notified that someone viewed their profile. The site in itself is a scam, then add to that the number of fake profiles and people reaching out from remote areas. I agree with the other reviews. AFTER I joined for six months, they changed the format and will only allow you to write a couple lines for your profile description.

They said that was a recent change. So since I have almost five months left, I requested a refund. Never again for me on this site. I joined this site in October , every single lady I communicated with was a scammer. This site belong to Match. I was with Match before joining OurTime, it is bad too.

System generates lots of fake messages and flirts. I canceled after one month, although I had paid for 6. Absolutely waste of money, you will be sorry if you join. This site should be shut down. Where do I begin? OT self generates messages to members. I spoke to one man who said he spent hours responding women who had thought that he was sending them flirts. He took the time to explain to ALL of them When I realized this was happening I looked on my sent file and saw dozens of flirts I had not sent and even, to make it even more creepy Most recently when I was erroneously charged a renewal that I did authorize I might add about a week prior to the end of the period.

All I wanted to do was stay the week since there were a couple of men I chatting with that I wanted to keep in touch with. I sent OurTime a non too-pleasant message about the renewal and about the fact that they took the renewal before they should have thereby cheating me of about a week that I had already paid for Subsequently, my messages admittedly and in my opinion deservedly became angrier.

Basically I told them just what I thought of the way they do business. After about a week passed I saw that they had issued a credit and had closed my account making it impossible for me to check remaining messages. Reluctantly I decided to pay for one more month so that I could at least tie up loose ends and continue with the few interesting men I was speaking to BUT… OT locked me out. I entered 3 CC's This is when I realized that I had insulted them to the degree I was flagged and even though their huge windows asking me to renew. They were not going to allow it.

So I attempted to add something to my profile in hopes that maybe these men would see it and contact on me on email. OT then erased my profile claiming that I had embedded information that was not allowable which was interesting because I was accustomed to seeing many profiles where men embedded personal info, phones, emails Clearly, this was more vengefulness of the part of the powers-that-be at OT.

Perhaps this next bit of info will help all of you when you do any online dating. Several choices will pop up… One of the them is "search this photo on google". So you will know quickly that you are not speaking to a real member. I have only used 3 sites. So just try it on whatever other site you are using. See if it works. It will save you a lot of aggravation and wasted energy if it does. FYI this method will also work on any photo posted on the internet that comes up in a search. What a way to spend my time this morning So many sharks in the water Good luck to all!

This site has so much potential but scammers and some members make OurTime a waste of time. Hackers infiltrate accounts and then send messages to real members trying to get personal information. Scammers can substitute a picture in a profile with another one which is usually a picture of a very attractive person. No matter how many times you write that you do not want a pen pal, you get messages from women in my case from across the nation. I suppose it could be worse.

I have not gotten messages from women living abroad yet. The women are often very demanding and not at all committed to having a relationship. It seems like all they want is fine dining and even finer wine. Remember the majority are over 60 years old. You would think that their expectations would be more realistic. Some are still mourning over a lost love and would probably benefit from therapy instead of OurTime. They are just not ready to date but friends tell them to get out there anyway. The auto renewal feature for upgraded accounts is clearly stated but if you ignore it you will be renewed at a far greater cost.

I do not believe that people in charge of the site are responsible for most of the short-comings. This site is open to everyone and as a result you will experience hackers, scammers, uneducated individuals and those suffering from emotional impairments. I got a few flirts and talked with a few people. Through the whole month I got maybe 10 views or so and a few messages. I went to the site on the 8th of Dec. There were no mess.

Customer Questions & Answers

No flirts, nothing at all. So I go away for the weekend. I come back on Tuesday. I thought I would take a look and see what might be happening. I knew my time there was close to the end. So when I get there. I see I got 61 views. So I got to looking at the dates. Most of them were from before the subscription had ran out. But I was just now getting them. I was at the site days after some of them were sent and they were not there.

OOOh and you see They want me to give them more money to see what I should have seen already. I mean think about it.

OurTime Review January 12222

Why would I only get maybe 10 views in a whole month and then in one day which was December 9 get 21 views. I joined and got several responses, But you can't respond until you pay. Anyway I paid and started seeing who was interested in me. Most were way out of what I was looking for. Last week I got 3 replies from very pretty girls.

So when I went to the site to respond their profiles were already taken down. I received a 4th while on the site so I responded. She wanted my email so we could talk off the site. We emailed for a bit and it appeared to be more or less a one sided conversation. I was answering her questions and her replies were very generic. She sent me a text and when I tried to call the number there was no answer. I did a reverse number search and it came from Los Cali. She was supposed to live in Tampa Fl.

So I did more digging and tracked her email IP address to China. I guess I got out lucky. I still have the emails to prove what I said here. I got messages from many woman and it was always the same message with a few small changes. Most were in foreign countries and needed money. My site was hacked many times and changed from male to female. Calling them did no good. I got charged for an extra month and actually cancelled my credit card to avoid being robbed again.

This is the only site I've been on and I will never use a dating site again. The profiles are fake, the messages are canned, and you don't know who you are really talking to. This site is one big scam. Waste of money for the following reasons: Fake profiles are rampant. Pictures are no match for ages. False number of available matches. Most profiles are expired!! Review

Proof is to run a few flirts. Check your Flirts sent and you will see that most have not logged in in over 30 days and some for many months! Scammers contact you every day! Asking for email, phone numbers. Sending their contact numbers in profile info or on their pictures. They have expired memberships. Unpaid members send messages but can't return your replies and you don't know that they are simply trials. The "I'm Interested" feature shows mostly expired profiles, scammers and fake profiles. No way to get your money back.

This is the most famous email I get I've had three so far.